Ioannidis Menelaos

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Short Bio

Menelaos Ioannidis has been in the High-Tech Industry since 1988. His fields of experience span from hard core technology disciplines like embedded systems to sophisticated cloud based services including assets control and energy management. He was leading many projects and teams in a variety of technologies C/C++, Java, Python and PHP. He has 25 years of management experience as a high level executive in business development, marketing, strategy and business analysis. He is a Serial Entrepreneur, founder of Allweb Solutions and Build-IT. In 2013 he was working on the establishment of SenseOne Technologies (a solar monitoring company) in the UK solar market. In 2014 he was VP Business Development of Inaccess working in the area of performance improvement of renewable assets. From early 2015 he joined Lightsource Renewable Energy as Head of Monitoring.

Founder & Executive Director
Business Management - Software Analyst